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Last Updated: 26/03/2020

coronavirus cellImportant Corona Virus Information

Crossroads is closed due to the CoronaVirus (COVID-19)


At this time, the April booking is still open open and a decision will be made closer to the event as to whether it will go ahead.
Things are moving fast and restrictions are likely to get tighter sooner rather than later.

Many other events/meetings are being cancelled so if you are planning on going to any of the regular events, do check with the organisers first.
An updated What's On will be released when more information has been found.

We would like to offer some advice during these difficult times so Lauren has released this information...

You're all aware of the advice about how to keep physically well during this pandemic and I'm sure that you'll have seen mentioned about maintaining your mental well being. There isn't much detail on the latter so I thought I'd share some thoughts/ideas to help and remind you of where to turn to for help if you need it.
One of the simplest ways to help is to go out in the sunshine. This can be your garden or just sitting by an open window that is sun facing. SHUT YOUR EYES (never look directly at the sun with eyes open) and turn your face to the sun. Sunlight acts on your pituitary gland to secrete serotonin which helps boost your mood.
If you are asymptomatic and keep to the social distance rules then a walk in a green space can help, especially woodland. Wear wellies, the ground is still very wet.
For some just being isolated, especially if you live alone, can be detrimental to your mental wellbeing. Try organising phone calls (video calls are better) with friends and family or (again if asymptomatic) get involved in helping neighbours who can't get out. You'll be keeping your distance of course but this can boost your mood.
Others may be stressed about their job, money etc. If it does get too much then there are support services out there such as Mindline or the Samaritans or the NHS Mental Health Crisis website.
Being transgender brings it's own factors in this sort of situation. I am aware that some of you are only rarely or even unable to express yourselves at home. I know from experience that this can affect your mood and be distressing. Don't forget the Mindline Transline. It's not 24/7 so again if it becomes overwhelming then Samaritans (who do get TG training) or the above link can help.
We don't know how long this is going to last but there will be an end to it and some kind of normality will return. So look after yourselves, physically and mentally and, if you can, others around you.

Community Access Support Service (CASS) have provided a large list of support services for the Bristol area. This can be downloaded from us as an Excel file.

Further updates will be posted here as they are received. Please check back often.

For the very latest official updates, gov.uk is the best place to look.

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Other than a pleasant evening with coffee, biscuits and conversations, we will be welcoming Dave Sully who is running the Wellbeing Project for The Diversity Trust and also Ian Boulton who is a South Gloucester Counselor who chairs their LGBTQ+ Network.

We hope to see you there.


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