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COVID-19 Information COVID-19

We have purposely kept the following guidance as brief as possible. For more in-depth information, the UK Government and NHS UK website have more details.

As long as the CoronaVirus is still present, we ask you to please follow the following guidance.

There are some Do's and Don't's we would like you to observe

Please do NOT come along to the meeting if, at any time between now and the meeting:

If you can:

Please have a lateral flow test on the Thursday, Friday or the day of the meeting.

If COVID-19 positive, DON'T come.



Please bring your own hand sanitiser to use if you wish to do so.


Take care of your mental health

Times are getting better but your mental health needs exercise just like your physical one. If you are find things difficult, there is help available. Mindline, the Samaritans or the NHS Mental Health Crisis website.