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verified research project We often get requests for help from individuals and organisations asking for assistance in research projects, feedback and other TG-related subjects. These are external projects so please only contact the project organiser if you have any queries.

We are a collective and organisation that challenges identity representation through photography and image. We often focus on misrepresentation of women (trans, intersex and cis), non-binary and minority genders.
We still have spaces left on our project 'Misrepresentation of being trans'. It is being planned and facilitated by those who identify as trans. It is exclusively for anyone who identifies as being trans (there will be no gender policing at this project).
We are excited that work being made for the project is likely to have the opportunity to be shown on the big screen in Millenium square during Pride Festival (for those that want this). I have attached a flyer too. Please do share around if you can and let me know if you want more information.
Thank you! Bryony
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Hate crime

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LGBT Bristol Website for details
0800 171 2272
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