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The Evening

Your first visit to Crossroads can be a very nervous time so we have put together this guide to explain what to expect.


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The Basics

We know how hard it is to take that first step outside your own home so we try to make your visit to Crossroads as relaxed as possible.
We also understand how important support is so partners, close family or a close friend are welcome to come along with you to meet and chat with others in a similar situation. It's not uncommon to have several couples at most meetings.

Wick Village Hall is close to the Rose and Crown pub but set back from the main road (and the pub) with plenty of parking.
For safety, we have a person at the door to welcome arrivals (and to take payment).
You are free to arrive and leave whenever you wish.

Once Inside...

First-timers do not need to dress, but should do so at any further meetings they attend. You can come dressed or we have a private dressing area inside the hall.
We usually have tables and chairs arranged inside the hall and where you sit is up to you but the intention is for people to mingle. The atmosphere is casual and informal and if you wish it, there is always help available from other members and organisers.

Off the main hall is a kitchen and included is coffee, tea and biscuits.

Additional Information

We have created a list of frequently asked questions to try and answer some of the queries we receive. Please head over to our FAQ page.

Bristol-Crossroads has an Inclusion Policy to clarify who our group is aimed at as well as our dress code, age limitations and exclusions. Please take a few minutes to read this.

If you have never been before, and particularly if you've never been out before, please do let us know you're coming. We understand you may be nervous and we want to make sure you get properly welcomed and settled in.