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Welcome to Bristol Crossroads

We are a Transgender Support Social group based in Wick, near Bristol and meet on the 4th Saturday of each month

Next Meeting - June 25th

2022 BBQ Summer has (hopefully) arrived so we will be breaking out the barbecue for the 25th June Crossroads meeting.

The burgers and sausages have been ordered from a local butcher so we're hoping for some good, or at least dry, weather (forecast is good at time of writing).
If good, then we'll be outside at the back cooking. Front door may be locked. If wet we'll work indoors.

We're not sure yet if we will charge extra, but it will not be much if we do.
There is usually enough for x1 burger and x1 sausage each, in a bun, optional onions and various sauces will be on hand.
If you are veggie/vegan then feel free to provide your own favourite item(s). However, we can't guaranty we can keep it completely separate from meet products on the BBQ. You can cook in the kitchen though as long as you clean up after.

COVID-19 is still in our communities so please continue to be safe. Please take a few moments to familiarise yourself with the Crossroads COVID Policy which will be updated when required.

Looking Ahead

July 23rd
Visit by reps from SARI

Sept 24th
High Tea (TBC). Visit by HairWare wigs

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