The Bristol-Crossroads Inclusion Policy

The aim of this policy is to clearly state the rules and regulations of Bristol Crossroads.
By attending the group, you agree to abide these rules.

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The purpose of the group

The group is open to anyone who themselves identifies as somewhere on the transgender spectrum. This would be from anyone who has fully transitioned and lives as their non-birth gender to those who want or need only to occasionally present wholly or partially as their gender of choice. In addition family members, partners or friends who wish to support a transgender person and find out more about what it means to be transgender are also welcome.

Bristol-Crossroads recognise the transgender spectrum has over time changed to include people who identify as gender fluid, non-binary or any other gender questioning status. All people on the spectrum are welcome. There is no single defined way for a transgender person to present themselves. If, for example male to female, they do not have to fully present dressed as a woman. If they just want to wear a dress that is fine. If they don’t want to wear a wig and makeup that is also fine.

Dress Code

We ask that those attending our meetings do so dressed in a modest and un-offensive way. By this we mean things such as no underwear, stocking tops, genitals or excessive cleavage should be able to be seen. Also that the wearing of what is considered fetish or overtly sexual clothing is not acceptable. Anyone arriving dressed in a way, which we consider to be inappropriate will be asked to change into something more suitable if possible or they will not be allowed in on that occasion.


Under 18’s who identify on the transgender spectrum may attend accompanied by a parent or guardian. However, please contact us first as there are other local groups which may be more age appropriate.


The only people who are not welcome are those who are admirers of transgender people, those who are not in a relationship with a transgender person or those who are looking to find someone to have a relationship with. Bristol Crossroads is not a relationship agency. For this reason we ask that anyone who says they are transgendered come dressed in the way in which they wish to present themselves.

Our aim is to be a welcoming and inclusive organization where members of the transgender community can feel safe, relaxed and can be themselves.